Python on Adoption List At Sacramento Shelter

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Among the 200 or so dogs that are up for adoption at the Sacramento County Animal Shelter is a 4-foot-long ball python that was turned in by an Arden-Arcade resident.

Sacramento County Animal Care Department Director David Dickinson said the man found the adult snake in its glass enclosure sitting in his front yard and turned it in.

Dickinson says they get two to five snakes turned in to the shelter each year.

“The snakes get to be so large that they can’t afford to feed them anymore or they’re moving into a different [place] that doesn’t allow that type of a reptile as a pet,” Dickinson said.

But he said they may never know the real reason since the owners are unknown. He says it’s the same reason kittens, dogs and rabbits turn up at the shelter.

The snake is being kept at a shelter that is over-crowded with dogs.

They are actually having an adoption sale to find homes for them by charging just $25 in adoption fees — that includes spaying and an identification chip.

The snake attracted the attention of kids looking for puppies.

“I like them because they’re big and long and their colors are pretty,” said Naylonee Manzano.

The ball python is a smaller, pet friendly species and max out at 6 feet or so.

The largest python Dickinson can remember in his 15 years at the shelter is an 18 foot behemoth that was adopted by an animal rescue group.

The owner of the ball python has 72 hours to claim his or her pet if he or she changes their mind.

After that, it will be put up for adoption like the cats and dogs at the shelter.

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