VACAVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — A San Diego woman was found dead in Mexico, and now the FBI is looking for the man they believe is responsible for her death.

The woman’s mother lives in Vacaville, and she’s pleading for him to come forward.

“She was 40. Her birthday was supposed to be June 26,” Denise Sabean-Hosking said. 

Racquel Sabean was going to turn 41. 

Born and raised in Southern California, Sabean-Hosking said she moved to Vacaville in the late 90s, but her daughter decided not to go.

“She ended up going into the Navy and was based in San Diego. She liked San Diego, so she stayed down there,” Sabean-Hosking said.

About a year and a half ago, Sabean-Hosking said her daughter met a man.

“We knew him by Paul Phillips,” Sabean-Hosking said.

At first, the relationship seemed to be going well.

“Went out and had meals together, and he was always really nice,” Sabean-Hosking said.

But then things started to take a turn when she said Sabean was talking about spending more time in Tijuana.

“I was worried about people in Mexico. I wasn’t even thinking about him being a problem to her,” Sabean-Hosking said.

According to the FBI, the man Sabean-Hosking knew as Paul Phillips is actually Tyler Adams. The 50-year-old is currently wanted in connection with the disappearance of Sabean.

The FBI said a body —  believed to be Sabean’s— was found in her car in Mexico. The couple also has a 7-month-old baby, who is now in protective custody.

“This is going to be devastating for her. It’s just really sad that she no longer has a mother,” Sabean-Hosking said.

The FBI said Adams was detained in Mexico last Wednesday for questioning, but then re-entered the United States the following day and hasn’t been seen since.

“I’m hoping, against hope, that he’ll do the right thing. That won’t happen, I don’t believe,” Sabean-Hosking said.

Even though Sabean-Hosking’s granddaughter is safe and alive. She regrets not being able to convince her own daughter to live with her.

“I wish she would’ve stayed. She may have not crossed paths with this guy,” Sabean-Hosking said.

Tyler Adams is also a wanted fugitive out of Hawaii for a September 2020 warrant. The FBI is asking people to contact them if they see him.