(FOX40.COM) — A historic railroad in California’s Gold Country can now be explored with a set of wheels. 

Railbike company Rail Explorers are offering railbike tours through the Amador Central Railroad, which is a eight-mile ride for two hours. The ride is expected to provide scenic views in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

Railbikes are small cars that are powered by pedaling with hydraulic disc brakes and an electric engine, according to Rail Explorers.

The public tours began on Oct. 14 with each round trip starting in Ione and continuing through the Mother Lode all the way to Newton Copper Mine and back. 

“Amador County is steeped in history — you can truly imagine the hills crowded with miners hoping to strike it rich during the gold rush,” Rail Explorers CEO Mary Joy Lu said in a press release. “We are thrilled to partner with the Amador Central Railroad to offer these panoramic views that you can’t see unless you’re on the railroad, as well share the magic of the railroad with our guests.” 

The Gold Country route is Rail Explorer’s six division throughout the United States. Since beginning operations in 2015, the company has created divisions in Boone, Iowa, New York State’s Catskills and Cooperstown, Rhode Island and Versailies, Kentucky. 

The Amador Central Railroad was originally known as the Ione and Eastern Railroad when it was built in 1904. After its inception, the railroad was used to provide transportation and supplies for Miners. 

Tours are open to the public and are held Thursdays through Sundays at 702 Hunter Lane in Ione. 

Riders can choose a quad railbike, which fits up to four riders, for $175 or a two-person tandem railbike for $95. 

Limited seats are available and reservations are recommended. 

Click or tap here to book a tour. 

Children can ride, but they must be accompanied by a rider who are at least 16 years old. Infants are allowed in the cars and they must be secured to an adult rider in a harness. Children can’t sit on an adult’s lap, as all riders must be secured in their own seat. 

The tours are also pet friendly and pets can ride for free. Pets are required to be 40 pounds or less and only one pet is allowed per bike.

According to the company, dogs, cats, lizards, parrots and ducks have ridden the company’s railbikes before.