PLACER COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Rainy weather over the weekend aided fire crews fighting the Mosquito Fire and played a part in allowing some evacuated residents to return home Sunday, CAL FIRE said.

Containment of the fire grew from 21% Saturday night to 38% by Monday morning, CAL FIRE reported. In the same time frame, the fire’s acreage grew just under 4% to 76,260 acres.

CAL FIRE said that fire helped depress flames in some areas but even in areas where it did rain there was still relatively dry vegetation that was able to burn.

“On Sunday, moisture saturation decreased fire behavior significantly; however, areas under thick canopies were less affected by the light precipitation and were still available to burn,” CAL FIRE said. “Heavier rains and south winds over the fire continued overnight.”

CAL FIRE also noted that rain also has its downsides for firefighters.

“With rainy and wet conditions in the area, crews must remain vigilant for the increased hazards that come with the additional precipitation,” CAL FIRE said. “This landscape is already steep and rugged, and it becomes even more treacherous with the addition of rain, making the terrain muddy and slippery.”

According to CAL FIRE, so far the Mosquito Fire has destroyed 78 structures and damaged 13 others.