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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento received about a one-quarter inch of rain Sunday night from the winter storm that began over the weekend and the city is already seeing some trouble spots.

Flooding at El Camino Avenue and Ethan Way is an example of the pooling water that might be a nuisance for residents this week.

At the intersection, it appears a storm drain is clogged, and the water is backing up to the curb and onto the street.

Sunday night was a busy one for tow truck drivers and the California Highway Patrol.

Video showed the scene of an accident on Butano Drive where a car left the roadway and ended up on a lawn and just missed crashing into a building.

The tow truck driver on scene said this was the seventh call of his shift with many of those calls related to the rain.

“First rain it’s the oil on the pavement that causes the tires to slip. And people don’t realize, they still have the confidence thinking that they can drive fast, but that’s when it’s very, very dangerous. All that oil causes the cars to slip and slide and lose control. Tell them to slow down around the bends. If it says 45, go down to 40,” advised Rick Chima of Chima’s Towing.

“It’s been real busy. There’s a lot of crazy calls. I’ve got three calls waiting right now,” Chima added.

The heaviest rain of the storm is expected to come later this week.