Raley’s to Stop Selling Cigarettes

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Raley’s Implements ‘No Solicitation’ PolicyNORTHERN CALIFORNIA-

When you go to the store for your gallon of milk and dozen eggs, a local grocery store will no longer be adding a pack of cigarettes to your shopping list. Starting this month, Raley’s and Bel Air will no longer be selling them.

“I smoke… but that sounds good,” said shopper Shirley Logan.

Logan has been a smoker for, well, a really long time.

“I’m 78, and I started when I was 13,” she said.

And the way she figures it, the more stores that quit selling cigarettes, the more it’ll help her quit smoking them.

“I’m trying real hard and if they quit selling them, I’ll have to smoke pot instead– I’m kidding,” she joshed.

The West Sacramento Grocery chain said they’ve already stopped ordering tobacco products.

In Statement they said the decision was “based on the healthy and happiness of their customers.”

The Grocer says they’ve targeted cigarettes in particular because the evidence against tobacco use is too strong to ignore.

In their statement they went on to say “There is far less evidence at this time to indicate that consumption of surgery snacks and alcohol in moderation poses a significant health threat to healthy adults.”

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