CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. (KTXL) — No business wants to be boarded up, but Fukumi Japanese Noodle House in Citrus Heights is doing so for the second time in a few months and is hoping this time is only temporary.

“It’s crazy times right now,” said the owner of Fukumi Ramen Sybli Song.

In early June, windows at Fukumi Japanese Noodle House were smashed.

“I just hope it’s nothing personal and they are not targeting us,” explained Song.

This is the second time the restaurant has been vandalized, one of the windows facing Sunrise Blvd. was broken a few months ago.

While nothing was taken, Song says it’s close to $30,000 to fix the damage.

“It won’t be as nice as before because we had custom Japanese designs on each window,” she said.

Another business on Sunrise Blvd. in Citrus Heights was also vandalized within the past month.

FOX40 covered an attack by vandals on Mountain Mike’s in May. Surveillance video from the inside showed masked people smashing 31 windows and three doors. A few months before that, the same pizza parlor saw two men smash half a dozen windows.

“They are Punjabi owners, there have been a few stores in the area up and down Antelope and Sunrise that have kind of been vandalized the same way,” said Mountain Mike’s manager Evan Swarens.

Song doesn’t believe her business was a target of a hate crime but adds it could have been done by the homeless living nearby.

“It’s too bad all the way around because everybody is going through something. It’s not right to vandalize, but I think it’s an act of lashing out and with everything going on and we happen to be the victim.”

Song said she will add more security around her shop and encourages other business owners to file a police report if a crime has been committed.