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According to friends, Anthony Holmes, the civilian victim of Friday’s shooting rampage, is recovering well.

A picture of Anthony Holmes released by his family.
A picture of Anthony Holmes released by his family.

Holmes was shot four times when suspect Marcelo Marquez attempted to carjack him.

“It shocked him so I guess the fist thing he did was put is hands up,” friend Tyrone Murphy said.

He suffered two shots to the left hand, one on the right hand, and the last bullet went straight into his neck. When the Murphys found out about what had happened, they expected the worst.

“In the hospital I cried,” Murphy said. “But as soon as he saw me crying, he reached out and tell me to hold his hand… I’m alright.”

Doctors worked on Holmes for eight hours, and he is now in stable condition.

“By the grace of God he is recovering very well,” Murphy’s wife Javana said. “His left eye is swollen shut, his right eye is fine, so he is able to move it and look around, and nod his head, like yes and no, he can sit up.”

At first, family and friends thought he would need to be hospitalized for months. But doctors said he is recovering so quickly, he should be released from the hospital in just five days.

“It’s a miracle,” Murphy said. “that’s no one else but God and the surgeons.”

A Give Forward fundraiser page has been set up for Anthony Holmes. You can find it here.