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SACRAMENTO — A Rancho Cordova man in jail Monday night faces serious charges, including child pornography.

John Poulson, one of Kevin Barker’s neighbors in a Rancho Cordova neighborhood, said he called police last week after opening a memory card Barker gave him.

“When I saw his face I was like, ‘That’s Kevin,'” Poulson said.

Poulson said what he saw shocked him. “The video shows him installing a camera in the ceiling above the shower and the toilet. It just made us sick.”

It is unclear if Poulson’s call sparked the investigation, but neighbors remember seeing investigators at Barker’s home on Friday, searching the house.

“I saw them take away about five garbage bags worth of stuff,” said neighbor Kris McBride.

The Sacramento County Sherrif’s Department couldn’t report what evidence they found at the house or give FOX40 any specific details about the case, including a mugshot. They say the investigation is ongoing.

According to the Sacramento County Jail website, Barker was booked on felony charges related to child pornography. There is also a federal hold and charge related to sexual exploitation of children.

“He had a hot tub in the backyard. He let the kids in the neighborhood use the hot tub. Everybody would always play over there,” Poulson said. “My kids played over there, my fiancee’s kids played over there. It was just Kevin’s was the place where all the kids went.”

“His foster kids would come and play with other neighbor kids,” said neighbor Daniel Etheridge. “My kids I would never ever let go in his house.”

FOX40 reached out to Sacramento Child Protective Services about Barker being a foster parent.

“Sacramento Child Protective Services has been apprised on the arrest of a licensed foster parent by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. Any children placed in this foster home by Sacramento County CPS have been removed,” a spokesperson said.

The home where the arrest was made is now listed as “unsafe to occupy” by code enforcement.

CPS is working with law enforcement as the investigation continues.

Barker declined FOX40’s request for an interview from jail. He’s due in court Tuesday afternoon.