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RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. (KTXL) — John Szczecina, a manager at a Rancho Cordova gas station, was fired days after the station sold gas for 69 cents a gallon for several hours, FOX40 confirmed. 

The incident happened at a Shell gas station, according to a man that posted about it on Instagram

The price was caused by a “technical error.” Gas was listed at $6.99 per gallon, but a different placement of the decimal point meant that it ended up being sold at 0.69 cents. 

John Szczecina was an employee at the Shell gas station. (Photo from Paula Jackson)
Gas was being sold at 69 cents per gallon in Rancho Cordova. (Photo from Darryl Surita)

People went to the Shell gas station for several hours, buying up the cheap gas.

A GoFundMe page reportedly set up to help the manager that was fired says the error caused the gas station to lose about $20,000. Paula Jackson, the organizer of the page and sister of Szczecina, said he was given a notice of termination on Monday.

The organizer of the page said there is a possibility the man might be sued, so he is trying to repay the gas station for its losses.