Rangers say they want to work with community as people rush to Sacramento’s waterways

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Warm weather welcomed big crowds back to Sacramento beaches Friday.

It was a chance to get out while also trying to social distance from one another.

At Sand Cove, the atmosphere was tame but emotions will run a little high for some who leave and find a ticket for illegally parking on the nearby street.

At Tiscornia Park, rangers blocked the entrance for cars because all the parking spots were taken by early afternoon.

The beach was a giant party — one that had too many guests for Jay Johnson’s liking.

“Maybe 10 feet away from everybody and you will be alright but people are too close in proximity,” he told FOX40.

Fearing the health ramifications for his daughter during social distancing, Johnson headed home.

“I got to get my daughter out of here, even though she doesn’t want to leave,” Johnson said.

County park rangers said they want people to enjoy the parks and the water but added they won’t be looking to fine anyone for getting too close to one another.

“The gift of conversation and education and working together is what we’re trying to do,” explained Sacramento County Regional Parks Chief Ranger Wade Derby.

Derby knows many people who rushed to the water have been cooped up at home for a while now. So he said rangers are on the lookout for those who may overindulge, with or without alcohol.

“Specifically that is something that I have talked to my staff about,” Derby said. “At the same time, if we can be proactive about it and get in front of that problem before it becomes a water rescue or worse, that’s what we wanna try and do.”


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