Rattlesnake Removal Business Booming During Heat Wave

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ROCKLIN — The owner of Rattlesnake Removal USA was busy responding to snake calls Tuesday between Placer County and the Bay Area.

Lou Fraser said it was his busiest day of the season so far.

FOX40 caught up with Fraser just before sunset in the backyard of a vacant Rocklin home. A new family was about to move into the home, but not until the backyard was cleared of rattlesnakes.

Fraser found three rattlesnakes in the yard: one out in the open, one under the air conditioning unit and one under a rock. He said snakes were likely attracted to the yard because the house had been vacant.

“A lot of times this happens when a house is not occupied for a while. The snakes feel much more safe, much more confident to come in,” Fraser explained. “I always try to tell my clients, ‘We want to make the snake choose your neighbor’s yard over your yard.’ And we can do that with multiple ways.”

Fraser says having a clean yard with plenty of activity will keep snakes away.

Even pets can help.

“We don’t want our pets to get bit, but honestly, the scent of a dog and the scent of a cat with deter animals like this,” he said.

A rattlesnake vaccination for dogs has been proven highly effective.

Frasier also explained rattlesnakes like to be out in the morning sun but will seek cooler conditions on a very hot day, which sometimes leads to encounters with humans.

“If you make the mistake of leading your sliding glass door open or your garage door open, and the snake is overheating outside and they have a chance to choose between the shade of a bush or the shade of an air-conditioned garage, it’s going to choose the AC garage,” he said.

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