Regional Transit Approves New, 22-Point ‘Clean-Up’ Plan

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The volume of complaints has been as loud as some of the warning signals on its light rail lines, but now Sacramento Regional Transit has voted in change.

With a new Kings arena promising more than 17,000 people soon looking for a way to get around downtown Sacramento, RT is retooling to meet the demand.

At their latest board meeting Monday, system directors voted in a 22-point plan to make their services ones the public wants to consume instead of endure as a last resort.

An smartphone app to allowing riders to report problems 24/7 and hopefully get them addressed quicker than ever before, is just part of the plan.

Creation of paid fare zones only accessible to ticket holders, a crack down on trash and smoking and improved shelters for passengers will also be part of the new RT.

As for the contractors hired in to do some of this work, RT General Manager Mike Wiley says Monday's agreement builds in financial consequences for those who do not perform.

"It's really about RT coming out of a recession. They've been just making it through the day. Now is the time to think about quality and how to expand ridership," RT board chairman Jay Schenirer said.

As these plans take shape, a lot of riders say they'll be watching to make sure things are improved syste-mwide for the day in-day out user, not just around the new arena.

System managers tell FOX40 stepped up clean-up efforts will be funded by shifting around different resources.

Reaching other improvement goals will require some more strategizing.

A new ad hoc committee RT has formed with downtown business advocates near the arena site may firm up those plans.


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