Regular visitors at Lodi Lake say a lot of trash is being left behind

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LODI, Calif. (KTXL) – Thousands of people flock to Lodi Lake during the summer months, but regular visitors say too many people are leaving too much garbage behind. 

Now, a Lodi man is calling on the community to help keep it clean. 

Steven Printy and his wife are regulars at the lake, kayaking or walking the trails at least a couple of times per week. 

“People on the trail, you know, walk up to the edge of the water and have their little picnics and whatever. And they just leave everything on the ground,” Printy said. 

Every time they go out, they say they come back with gallons of trash they picked up along the way. 

This week, Printy posted photographs to social media to raise awareness of what he calls an ongoing pollution problem. 

“We can easily fill up the regular kitchen trash bag, sometimes at just one place,” Printy said.

Water bottles, wrappers, plastic baggies and more end up in the water clinging to the shoreline. 

“My wife kind of jokingly said, ‘Maybe we should get a little floating kayak to tow behind us.’ You know, a floating garbage dumpster,” Printy said. “She’s kidding of course, but that’s how bad it is.” 

Printy and others say it’s simple: If you bring it, pick it up and throw it way on your way out.

“There are a lot of other people that pick up trash, so it’s pretty bad,” Printy said. “If no one picked up other people’s trash, I can’t imagine what it would look like after, after a short time.” 

He says volunteers should not have to be the ones keeping the Lodi Lake clean, but he is grateful for those who do their part. 

“We’re going to keep doing what we do, and hopefully, other people will get involved too,” Printy said. 

He adds he plans to reach out to the city to see if more can be done to keep the lake clean. 

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