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Somewhere in the middle of  a burst of bullets fired during a police chase, one Stockton man says his cousin, Misty Holt-Singh, lost her life.

“The police don’t want to tell us anything other than I have a cousin that doesn’t have a heartbeat any more,” Devin J. of Stockton said.

He didn’t want to reveal his entire last name.

While others watched a scarily shocking turn of events play out in front of them near Thornton Road, Devin was in Lodi when three heavily robbers walked into the Bank of the West.

Those robbers intensified the terror of their heist and taking of three hostages by moving their crime spree out onto the streets of Stockton.

Cops gave chase for an hour.

“There were police officers with with huge, long rifles.  It gave me chills.  It was crazy,” Lisa Buffo, who lives near the bank, told FOX40.

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All the while, the scanner app Devin often uses was up and running. He had no idea he was listening to Misty’s final frightening moments. From what he heard, he believes the pursuit could have ended very differently.

“They had plenty of opportunities to stop it because they were going into Stockton this way and that. They had plenty of time to lay down  tracks (spike strips) and whoever the dispatcher was… didn’t want to lay down the tracks. They wanted to wait until SWAT (could arrive),” he said. “That’s not right when you can stop something from the beginning.  That’s what they should have done – not speed it in and out of Stockton to highway  12. That’s not right.”

Now Devin waits for answers, believing the bodies of his cousin and one of the men who took her hostage remain in the suspect’s stolen SUV on Otto drive.

“She was the last witness. She was the last hostage in the car and she was shot down by the police trying to pursue,” said Devin.

“My heart just goes out to those hostages and their families,” said Buffo.