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(KTXL) – A new report outlines the increased dangers to pedestrians near roadways, with the Stockton area being named among the most dangerous.

Breaking down U.S. Department of Transportation data over a ten-year period is the goal of researchers at Smart Growth America.

Their vice president of transportation, Beth Osborne, says their new report shows alarming pedestrian fatality numbers compared to its last report a couple of years ago.

“They have increased 45%,” Osborne said.

One of the areas that skyrocketed up the list of most dangerous for people near roads was the area from Stockton to Lodi.

“Stockton in our last report was ranked 34th and it jumped to 15th. That’s a big jump in terms of the danger in the region,” she explained.

Aside from freeways and highways, Osborne says roads, in general, are built for cars to go too fast, with safety for pedestrians not factored in as much as it should be.

Osborne says wide roads that encourage speed and a lack of crossings for those on foot are reasons for the increased safety issues.

“Right now, if you try to add a crossing into a roadway, the highway engineer has to add up the seconds of delay that occurs to the driver but they don’t have to add the fact that the poor pedestrian has to walk a mile out of their way to cross,” Osborne told FOX40.

The report indicates there is also a link identifying pedestrian victims, Osborne says race also plays a role when it comes to who lives near dangerous roads and therefore is more likely to be on foot.

“Hispanics, Black people and indigenous people are bearing a bigger part of the brunt of this danger than white people and Asians are,” she explained.

To check out the full report with an interactive map, click or tap here.