Rescuer Raising Funds to Help Horse Recover from Leg Wound

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TURLOCK — A rescued horse is in need of help as she recovers from a severe leg wound.

Belle is packing on the pounds and on the mend, with animal rescuer Bobbie Carne in her corner.

“I’m fighting it just because she’s still got tons of life to live and she deserves it,” Carne said.

Carne says the mare’s owner gave her up after he was unable to care for the animal. Belle’s leg is now bandaged, currently recovering from a severe months-old cut.

The horse is also underweight.

Carne says within the last 24 hours, Belle has been through a lot. On top of her injured leg, she’s had a bloody nose.

“We took some X-rays,” veterinarian Craig Brooks said. “She has a pretty nasty wound on her left hind leg.”

Brooks says Belle will have to undergo surgery. If the wound is left alone, she could live out her days in a world of pain.

“The end result would be a very, very thick scar that could keep breaking open when she gets too active on it,” Brooks said.

Now, Carne says she is working to raise awareness and money for Belle’s cause.

“If I’m not meeting the quota for donations with the help of the public and everything, then I would have to euthanize her,” Carne told FOX40.

Carne says Belle deserves to live out the rest of her life on pasture, free from pain.

“I’m just the beginning, so my job is to go get them and find a place for them, and then make sure they’re taken care of,” Carne said.

Carne says she is now working to get Belle to an Oakdale veterinarian so the horse can undergo surgery sooner.

She is also working to find an animal rescue organization that specializes in horses to help Belle.

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