Residents Evacuated After Electrical Fire at Citrus Heights Apartment Complex

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CITRUS HEIGHTS — Families in the Sierra Ridge apartments woke up to firefighters pounding on their doors around 6 a.m. Tuesday, telling them to evacuate because of an electrical fire.

“I had an asthma attack, so I didn’t know what was going on, I thought it was my allergies…and then about six o’clock come knocking on my door and asked me to leave but leave my door unlocked because there was a fire,” said resident Cynthia Kemp.

According to the Sacramento Metro Fire Department, the fire started in a vacant unit, eventually spreading across through the attic, which led to evacuating four or five other units.

“Attic fires have a lot of insulation and a lot of other materials in the attic that take a lot longer to put out,” said Captain Chris Vestel with the Sacramento Metro Fire Department.

Some evacuees say they are concerned their smoke alarms didn’t work properly.

“The alarms didn’t go off, which concerned us because the smoke was in the house itself,” said resident Rachel Hasben.

“What if no one reported it. I don’t know how it got reported, but it’s kind of scary,” said Kemp.

According to Sac Metro Fire, the alarms did work. They said the reason some didn’t go off is because there wasn’t any smoke inside those particular units.
About three hours after the fire, residents were given the green light to return to their homes.

“I’m so glad everyone is safe.”

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