Residents in Rocklin Neighborhood Upset with HOA Rules

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Enough is enough for some Rocklin homeowners.

At Wednesday night’s board of directors meeting for the Whitney Oaks Community Association, many homeowners voiced their opinions on what they believe are HOA rules that have gone too far.

“It’s not right, it’s not fair that we have to waste our time to defend being a family,” said Chris Willsher, who moved to Rocklin from the Bay Area in 2007.

“They don’t allow this, they don’t allow that. You know, you do have to read your bylaws but some of those bylaws are 15 to 18 years old and they need to be changed,” he said.

The bylaws Willsher is referring to appeared in the June newsletter, asking residents to:

“Please, for safety reasons, do not allow your household members to play in the streets. The streets in Whitney Oaks are for ingress an egress. There are many nearby parks.”

“They don’t want the kids playing in the streets because some of these families will put up cones, or little warning signs, the man holding the orange flag or whatever, just to say hey, keep your speed down because there are kids here,” explained Willsher. “Now they’re trying to take that away by saying ‘We do not want your kids playing in the street.'”

Not all of Whitney Oaks residents feel the same as Willsher though.

“Being in compliance is just something I’ve come to accept,” said Cheryl Winter, who has lived in Whitney Oaks the past 15 years. “I get that people are frustrated and don’t want to have to put equipment away, but when we bought homes in these communities we have to follow the rules.”

At Wednesday’s meeting, the board of directors listened but did not take any action.

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