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SOUTH SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A group of South Sacramento residents told FOX40 on Wednesday that their apartment complex property manager is purposefully targeting and harassing them.

For nearly 16 years, Paul Nickson has lived in his apartment on Glen Ellen Circle in South Sacramento.

Being on a fixed income, affordable housing is his only option. But in the last six months, since his complex got a new property manager, he said he’s been targeted.

Back in December, Nickson received a violation notice that his Jesus Christ statue at his front door had to be removed because it is in a common place.

“All of a sudden, now I have to just get rid of it,” Nickson said.  

Initially, he removed it, but he decided to take a stand.

“All my church members, and my reverend, and the preacher and all of that said that she cannot discriminate against my religion,” Nickson explained.

Shortly after speaking out, Nickson said cameras were installed right next to his front door and carport.

“It stresses me out,” Nickson said.

Nickson is not the only one having problems with management.  

One of the residents, who identified herself as Angela, told FOX40 the property manager gave her a letter declining her rent. The letter doesn’t give a reason why the rent was declined.

“I hear a banging knocking at the door,” Angela recalled. “She threw it at me and it somehow flew right outside my door.”

Another resident, Diablo Nash, told FOX40 that after eight years of living at the apartments, he can’t stand another minute of the treatment by management.

“I think they’re trying to red-line this area. I think they’re trying to gentrify this particular area,” Nash said.

All of the residents who spoke to FOX40 said they were being targeted for a specific reason.

“She’s targeting nothing but African Americans,” Angela said.

FOX40 tried to get answers from the property manager but she declined to comment. FOX40 tried calling Mutual Housing management, the company that owns the complex, but have yet to receive a response.

The Sacramento Tenants Union is stepping in to try to get the residents legal help. The union said at least eight tenants have filed complaints against the property manager.