Residents say they’re prepared as another round of PG&E power shutoffs begins

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ROCKVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — Like many other Solano County residents, one couple was prepared for the power shutoffs Wednesday. 

“It comes on automatically, I guess,” said John Silva of his generator. “I think they got it online cause I see a green light on it.” 

And just at that moment, Silva’s power inside his home went out and the generator kicked on. 

“I’m gonna go around the back and see if the power is on,” Silva told FOX40. “No, the kitchen light’s on. Oh, wait, wait but it would be on because the generator’s on.” 

Like others in Rockville, Silva and Esther Pryor said they were notified ahead of time by Pacific Gas and Electric that their power would be shut off. 

With high winds predicted for the area, the utility began turning the power off to minimize the threat of a fire starting and spreading. 

“It’ll be interesting,” Pryor said. “It’ll be the first time that we’ll use it.” 

By nightfall, in the midst of a darkened neighborhood, the buzz of generators filled the air. Some residents headed out to get needed supplies. 

Silva and Pryor have seen mandatory power shutoffs before. In the past, they have been without electricity for five days, which is why they were better prepared this time. 

“We’re rural. So, we have a well and it starts my pump up. So, I will have water, which was a big deal all of these other times that we’ve been evacuated and power out and things like that,” Pryor said. 

At Rockville Bike, their shop down the road, they’re not sure how the outage will affect their business. 

“I’ve gotten several text messages and we got a couple of phone calls,” Pryor said. “And they’re telling us that we’re gonna have the power outages at our home just only a mile away. But never here.” 

“We won’t close down because we could still work. There’s still things that we can do,” Pryor said. “Luckily for us, we get a lot of light through our windows.” 

Although, the cash register won’t be operational without power. 

“Come to Rockville Bike, you can get a free bike,” joked Pryor. 

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