Restaurant-goers support their favorite local spots on eve of state’s curfew

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Friday was the last night for a late night in Sacramento County.

Gaby Herrera said she had that in mind before heading out to Stingers near Sacramento State.

“Some time to hang out before everything is on lockdown again,” Herrera said.

Come Saturday, all California restaurants in counties that are currently in the state’s purple, or most restrictive, COVID-19 tier must kick out customers by 10 p.m.

Restaurants can do takeout orders past that time but they cannot have anybody on their premises after 10 p.m. starting Saturday night.

On the eve of the curfew, some were enjoying themselves while supporting their beloved hang-out spots before the holidays.

“Today it’s extra special because we know not only are we spending our money with the businesses we care about, but then we’re going to take it down and we’re going to spend it with our families,” said Cline Moore.

For restaurant owners, the state-imposed curfew is just the latest obstacle to running their establishments.

“It’s not so much the curfew as a hard stop at a certain time that really hurts us,” said restaurant owner Aziz Bellarbi Salah. “It’s the entire spirit of it.”

Bellarbi Salah owns multiple restaurants in Sacramento, some of which stay open past 10 p.m. and some that don’t, including Brasserie Capitale downtown.

While currently selling wine and other products just to get by and keep his staff employed, Bellarbi Salah said he believes taking away places to eat and drink after 10 will only encourage people to gather at homes without safety precautions.

“But the way that they are written will cause the absolute opposite effect of what we are trying to do,” he told FOX40. “You want to increase the spike? Tell everybody they have to drink indoors and only see their buddies.”

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