Retired Stockton Police Sergeant Holds Suspected Burglar Until Officers Arrive

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STOCKTON — A burglar sees an open garage, an easy target to strike, but what 37-year-old Louis Ramirez did not expect was a 78-year-old man armed with a gun.

“So I point like this and I says, ‘Don’t move…’ I said a couple other things too, but I’m not going to repeat them,” Larry Norick told FOX40 News.

Larry Norick served more than 30 years with the Stockton Police Department.

The retired sergeant and his wife Dee said they heard a loud sound coming from their detached garage on Feather River Drive last Thursday night. So Larry Norick decided to investigate.

He said he found Ramirez rummaging through some bags, wearing his scarf and T-shirt. Larry Norick said the suspect told him he needed the clothes for a disguise.

“It kind of made me not mad, but I was a little ticked…. What’s this clown doing in my garage, stealing my stuff?” Larry Norick said.

But Larry Norick remained calm and told his wife to call 911.

“I was frightened that Larry may have to use his weapon or that this young man might be armed,” Dee Norick said.

With his gun by his side, Larry Norick ordered Ramirez to sit down but after about 10 minutes, he let Ramirez walk away.

“So he got up and walked around there and said, ‘I’m leaving’ and I said, ‘Go ahead’ but I already knew it was too late he was done,” Larry said.

It was over because two police officers were waiting for Ramirez on the other side of the garage door.

His neighbors are now calling him a hero.

“I ain’t no hero. I just did what was the right thing to do. Any retired cop would do the same thing,” the retired sergeant said.

But for his wife Dee, he’s always been a hero.

“I was terribly afraid for him but Larry’s a strong man. He has no fear,” Dee said.

Ramirez is now facing charges for second-degree burglary and is still in custody. His next court date is set for Thursday.

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