TRUCKEE, Calif. (KTXL) — A day after dive teams went into Truckee waters hoping to find clues about Kiely Rodni’s disappearance, the reward for public health has increased.

It has been nine days since the 16-year-old Truckee teen and her vehicle have been missing and rescue crews are still searching.

Sunday, searchers combed the area near the campground where Kiely was last seen.

“This is an amazing effort, an incredible effort,” said Daniel Rodni, Kiely’s father. “I am blown away and I want to thank everyone.”

Hundreds of people from volunteers to law enforcement agencies from around the region have spent countless hours trying to find Rodni after she had gone missing near the Prosser Family Campground after attending a party with at least 200 teens.

Kiely’s father along with many of the volunteers updated flyers that reflects the new reward of $75,000 after an anonymous person donated $25,000.

“We want to thank you, whoever you are,” said Daniel Rodni. “Thank you to everyone! Everything you are doing, we appreciate it. My family and I really thank you.”

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