Girlfriend of Stockton Bank Robbery Suspect Goes on Ride-Along with Fire Dept.

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It was the scene back in July of 2014 that garnered national attention for the Stockton Police Department. The robbery at the Bank of the West, led to a deadly pursuit and where hostage Misty Holt-Singh was killed.

In the end Stockton detectives zeroed-in on three suspects; Jaime Ramos survived, Alex Martinez and Gilbert Renteria both were killed.

Now Renteria’s girlfriend is under fire, Angelica Tovar.

Back in October of 2014, she signed a waiver to ride-along with Stockton Fire Fighters. In January of 2015, her request was granted. Tovar even captured a selfie from inside the fire engine’s cab during the emergency runs. According to Stockton Professional Firefighters Local 456; it’s not what she did, but what she said that left first responders feeling uneasy.

“The members felt awkward with the conversation and not long after that ride along ended,” said Matt Baker, Vice President of Stockton Professional Firefighters Union Local 456.

The 32-year-old talked candidly about the Bank of the West Robbery and her boyfriend who was involved.

Now the union wants answers on how she was allowed to ride with emergency responders.

“She went through the process and filled out the paper work and completed her EMT requirements,” said Stockton Fire Chief Jeff Piechura.

Looking at Tovar’s Facebook page revealed even more details about her future ambitions of being a flight medic.

Tovar even posted a picture of her official certificate for completing the EMT program at City College of San Francisco.

The Fire Chief says she was screened and approved for the ride along.

“We did the application piece, finger prints. Everything was clean,” said Fire Chief Piechura.

Tovar declined to talk to FOX40 on camera but did say her criminal record was expunged.

Tovar says she does have a past, but she’s rebuilding her life for the future. She did tell me by phone, she wants to move on with her life for her three children and no one can judge her for improving her life.

Following the media coverage of this event, the union reporesenting Stockton Firefighters has officially been given the go ahead for a third party investigation into the ride-along.

Matt Baker, the public informant for Stockton Firefighters Local 456, was clear the issue was not specific to Tovar, because the department is always in support of people turning their lives around. However, the case is more about the fire chief’s office and how they demand honesty and integrity from their top brass.

“How would Police Chief Jones have approached this issue if she asked for a ride-along from them?” proclaimed Baker. “Would she have been allowed? What makes the fire department different?”

Baker said in addition to the third party investigation, they also plan to approach the city council about the issue.

Nick Stroman contributed to this report.

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