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SACRAMENTO — A homeowner in a quiet Sacramento suburb checked their Ring doorbell video and discovered a child stealing packages right off their front porch.

Neighbors say Hollywood Park is home to dozens of families with kids.

“Hollywood Park is just a fantastic neighborhood,” said neighbor Ed Daniels. “The schools are fantastic. The families have stayed here, a lot of these families for 50 and 60 years.”

Recently, the unlikely neighborhood was the site of a fairly common crime. Only this time, the alleged culprit was a child.

The Ring video shows a little girl running up to a home on Joaquin Way. She grabs a couple of packages before darting off.

She barely makes it in the car before the getaway driver speeds away.

“That’s truly a shame because someone is probably teaching them that. Those are probably things that are taught and that’s unfortunate,” Daniels told FOX40.

“I’m very surprised and that it was a child that did that,” said Cynthia Gargovich. “So, it’s concerning. It’s concerning because probably an adult put her up to it and that’s what’s concerning.”

Gargovich said her family has lived across the street for generations and has never seen anything quite like what happened to their neighbor.

“If it’s only one incident I wouldn’t look at it as a trend,” she said. “But it is concerning that you have a neighborhood with families and kids and then something like that happens you kind of stop and think, ‘Wow, you’re just not safe anywhere anymore.'”

Sunday night, the neighborhood was hoping an arrest would be made soon to prevent another home from falling victim.

“I hope they catch whoever did that and I hope if it’s an adult behind it that the adult pays the price for it, not the child,” Gargovich said.

A police report has been filed for petty theft.