Rio Vista Lingerie Shop Repeatedly Vandalized; Owner Believes She’s Being Targeted Because of Her Race

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RIO VISTA -- A Rio Vista business is the victim of repeated vandalism -- 13 times in the past two years.

Now the owner of Galleria Bra Room believes she's being targeted because of her race.

This time the suspect has been caught on surveillance camera and police are investigating. In the last year, the attacks escalated.

"Flashing kicked off the roof of the overhang of the building, had my sign kicked and torn down," said owner Karen Rogers. "Lewd picture, which was posted on my window, followed by gunshots through the left side of my door."

Friday overnight was one of the worst attacks. The store's glass front door was smashed in, but only two items were stolen out of the store.

"When you burglarize and go through that much trouble, you would think that they would take more. But I think this was not really burglary," Rogers told FOX40.

One of the few minority business owners in Rio Vista, Rogers believes she's being targeted because of her race.

"I'm a very visible member of the community. I participate in several of the community groups," Rogers told FOX40.

A spokesperson for the Rio Vista Police Department said she doesn't believe the vandalism is racially motivated, but detectives are investigating.

Rogers said she can't understand why her store has been hit so many times.

"This shop is not an adult toy store. We don't sell that kind of item here," Rogers said.

Sunday, while talking to FOX40 about the 12th incident of vandalism the store has had, Rogers and her husband noticed the 13th as someone had carved obscenities into the glass that remained unbroken on their store.

As they called the police yet again to report it Sunday, Rogers hopes the attacks stop soon as she's losing business every day she remains closed.

Rio Vista police said the suspect is described as a white man between 25 and 35 years old, standing about 5-feet-9-inches tall. Anyone with information regarding this crime is encouraged to contact the Rio Vista Police Department at (707) 374-2300.

Rogers said in witnesses told her in the past at least three people attacked her store in a previous incident.

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