Ripon Principal Keeps Promise to Students, Spends Night on School’s Roof

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RIPON — Ripon families were pausing and looking up Wednesday night to see their principal keep a promise.

“I’m actually excited to do this tonight,” said Ripon Elementary School Principal Dana Phelps.

Phelps pitched a tent on the roof of her school as curious onlookers piled up along Main Street.

“Before this evening, I was worried if it was possibly, because it being October, if it would possibly rain or be windy. But as we see, it’s actually a very nice night tonight. And I was a little concerned if I would maybe have some critters on top on of the roof but it looks like all is well,” she told FOX40.

Even if there had been something creepy up there, nothing would have kept the second-year principal from following through on her end of a fundraising bargain she made with her students.

She would camp out high up if they could up the amount raised at this year’s jog-a-thon to more than $16,000.

The kids brought in almost $29,000 last week.

With $500, Vianna Hopper had one of the highest collection totals on campus.

“I went door to door in my court because I live on a court,” the third-grader said.

“By me keeping this promise, I think they will realize if Mrs. Phelps says it, that she really means it,” Phelps said.

At first, second-grader Nicanor Grimaldo was a little doubtful but then hopeful about the stunt.

“I think she is going to stay up there the whole night,” he said.

The director of Ripon’s after-school program was camping out as well and said it all says a lot about Phelps. “She’s fantastic.”


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