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A violent road encounter is captured on cell phone video. A woman has been booked into the Placer County Jail for allegedly trying to run a driver off the road between Auburn and Colfax. As we found out, Deirdre Orozco is no stranger to trying to take the law into her own hands.

We spoke exclusively to a man who claimed Orozco attempted to run him off the road just days before her encounter in Auburn.

“I’m going to smash every [expletive] window!,” a woman, Dane Larsson claimed to be Orozco, is seen yelling in a video he captured. Larsson said this all happened last Wednesday and that Orozco was taken into custody after her encounter with him.

He said while driving in Roseville, Orozco tried to get around him, then hit his car just half a mile from where the confrontation ended off Oak Hill.

She claimed in the video her sister lives in the neighborhood. The Roseville man added, once she hit him with her car she did not want to stop and she had a lot more to say.

“She said she had been trying to get arrested, she’s been driving 100 miles an hour the whole way from San Jose. What can I do to get arrested… she said, ‘what can I do to get arrested?'” Larsson told us Monday evening.

He was checked out by paramedics after the incident but could not tell us his exact injuries because he may be seeking out a lawyer. After seeing Orozco’s confrontation in a separate incident, he wondered why she was out of jail in the first place.

“I wondered why she even got out of jail a couple of days after a hit-and-run with me and the whole situation. She got the car back and she got out… that doesn’t seem… I mean tell me there’s something wrong there,” he explained.

Larrson claimed she also smashed up the windows at that home off Oak Hill in Roseville.