Rocklin businesses react to new regional virus restrictions order

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ROCKLIN, Calif. (KTXL) — Local businesses have had it extremely rough during the pandemic and now many owners are saying they have no choice but to keep their doors open despite the looming threat of another stay-at-home order. 

“Yeah, people say, ‘Are you guys open? Are you guys open?’ And we say, ‘Yeah, we’re open and we’ll be open until they drag us out in handcuffs,’” said 9Round gym owner Brad Bonar. 

There is no quit in the Rocklin gym’s game, even with another stay-at-home order looming.

“We don’t qualify for unemployment or anything else. This is it. And if we close this gym, it’s literally move into my parents’ house,” Bonar said. 

Bonar also said that his business helps the public. 

“We improve people’s immune system. We help them with their health, their mental health. There is such a mental health pandemic and this is a place where this community wants us open, they beg us to be open,” Bonar told FOX40. 

Across town, Kelly Morton’s salon business was back up and going strong again. 

But salons, like gyms, are facing another shutdown. 

“Well, I definitely wasn’t surprised because I knew it was coming again because somebody just has a lot of control,” Morton said. 

She’s been doing her job for 25 years but she said the past nine months have been rough. Now, she feels she needs to take a stand by staying open. 

“We have kids to feed. We have bills to pay,” Morton said. “I mean, is the governor going to pay our bills? I mean, I’ll shut down if he wants to pay the bills.”

On the other side of the parking lot, Rocklin restaurant The Chef’s Table is facing the threat of going back to takeout only. 

“So, yesterday, I spent $3,600 for the next month for my tent rental. And now, I’m learning that I can’t use it,”  restaurant owner Erick Johnson said. 

Johnson was especially frustrated with what he believes is a lack of planning when it comes to deciding whether or not to shut businesses down. 

December is his busiest month and with 15 full-time employees, it’s tough to be in the holiday spirit. 

“We just finished a staff meeting in there and not being able to tell them exactly what was going to happen for them coming into Christmas, it’s hard, man,” Johnson said with tears in his eyes. “It’s hard having that meeting.”

Johnson said the best way to support local businesses is to purchase a gift card that can be used six months to a year down the road. 

Rocklin, which was placed in the Greater Sacramento region, is projected to fall under the new order in early December since the region is near the 15% threshold of ICU bed availability, according to data released by California.

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