September 24 2021 03:30 pm

Rocklin church offers religious exemptions from COVID-19 vaccines

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ROCKLIN, Calif. (KTXL) — A Rocklin church says it will be offering a “religious exemption” for attendees who object to receiving mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.

The lead pastor of Destiny Christian Church, Greg Fairrington, said on his Instagram account that hundreds of people have been asking his church for advice when they feel morally compromised by mandatory vaccination requirements.

“I’m not anti-vaccination, don’t get me wrong,” Fairrington said. “But I am pro-freedom, and there is freedom of religion. That’s what is born at the heart of America and so we’re offering that to people.”

Fairrington will be providing his congregation religious exemptions from COVID-19 vaccinations after each Sunday service.

Religious Exemption – Hundreds of people have reached out to us asking what to do about the mandatory vaccination requirements when they feel morally compromised to do so. We are excited to announce that starting this Sunday, we will have religious exemptions available to people who have religious objection. We are not anti-vaccine, but we are pro freedom.

Greg Fairrington, Lead Pastor, Destiny Christian Church

Fairrington’s post comes as more employers are requiring workers to be vaccinated against the virus.

Fairrington said if people have a moral conviction and feel that the vaccine violates scripture, there should be no mandate that overrides that.

“We are losing our freedoms as an American,” Fairrington said.

This issue will likely end up in court for a judge to decide if the employer mandate is legal, said Mark Reichel, an attorney in Sacramento.

“It’s going to be the right of religious liberty versus the rights of the whole that can prove there’s undo hardship to those outside of that religious liberty circle,” Reichel told FOX40.

Fairrington said these types of mandates will continue until people take a stand.

“This is going to be a ripple effect — medical workers, and now it’s teachers,” Fairrington said. “Next will be law enforcement, first responders. They’re going to shut down restaurants. People who aren’t vaccinated. This is not America.”

The last time Fairrington and his church’s policies garnered media attention was in July of 2020 when the church held multiple services last year despite Gov. Gavin Newsom’s orders to shut down. 

“Church is essential. It is essential to our society, and people are hurting. They’re devastated,” Fairrington told FOX40 back in July.

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