Rocklin Couple Sets Up Way for People to ‘Adopt’ Camp Fire Survivors

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ROCKLIN — The Camp Fire has forced thousands of families in Paradise to start over.

So a couple from Rocklin created a unique and effective way to make an impact and inspire others to do the same. They decided to “adopt a family” to help them get by after their home burned in the Camp Fire — and the idea has taken off.

“There are no neighbors, everyone’s lost their home. So it’s up to people like us to help them,” Eric Lofholm, creator of Paradise Fire Adopt a Family, told FOX40.

Inspired to do something, Lofholm saw a friend’s post about a family who lost multiple homes in the Camp Fire. He and his wife reached out and offered to help them directly.

“I can’t help thousands of people but I can help one family,” Lofholm said.

Scott Rayl is one of the family members Lofholm reached out to.

“I’m still suffering PTSD from it,” Rayl told FOX40 over the phone. “Propane tanks exploding everywhere, people screaming. We had people in the back of the vehicle with us that were crying and almost throwing up because of everything that was going on.”

After seeing the impact they could have on one family, the Lofholm’s started a Facebook page and website that would make it easy for others around the world to do the same.

“People are commenting here, sharing their stories and connecting,” Lofholm said.

In the week since Paradise Fire Adopt a Family launched, it has taken off.

“I think a lot of people right now, they go, ‘I want to help but I’m not sure what to do,'” Lofholm added. “One thing you can do is just help one family.”

It’s a place for people to give and receive help, whether it’s material items, a warm bed or emotional support.

Paradise needs it all right now and the platform is showing people have a lot to give.

“I think human beings at their core, they absolutely want to help,” Lofholm said.

If you would like to help, click here for the Facebook page and here for the website.

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