Rocklin district, teachers union at odds over in-person learning plan

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ROCKLIN, Calif. (KTXL) — The long-awaited return to classroom learning scheduled next week for students in the Rocklin Unified School District didn’t make everyone happy. 

The union representing teachers in the district says safety measures weren’t implemented as promised.

And on Thursday, they got a degree of satisfaction after the district reviewed some of its safeguards. 

Students had started the school year at the beginning of August with remote learning in place. 

But parents were notified that kids will finally be able to return to classrooms on Monday with a hybrid learning plan. Under the plan, students would spend two or three days a week on a rotating basis and do work assignments at home the rest of the time. 

That raised a red flag with teachers in the district who filed a grievance saying the district did not follow through on its promise of installing safety protocols. 

It said ventilation and filtration of classrooms were not in place nor were testing protocols planned. 

“We had been communicated that yes we are good to go. Yes, we’re safe. We’re ready for students to return,” said President of Rocklin Teachers Professional Association Travis Mougeotte. 

The district said it disagreed with some of the teachers complaints, saying filters and ventilation are in place. 

It also said testing and contact tracing protocols are at the ready and that the 13,500 students would be safe when classrooms open on Monday. 

But in a statement released Thursday, the district said some air condition units need attention. 

We were notified this morning of missing specialized filters and out of an abundance of caution hired Perryman Mechanical to inspect the filtration system in every one of our classrooms and buildings.

Rocklin Unified School District

The district’s decision to review some of its safeguards gave the union a degree of optimism. 

“We’re definitely optimistic that the district is working tirelessly to remedy the problems before Monday the 21st and we as the teacher’s union along with the district plan to be in class with kids Monday,” Mougeotte said. 

The union acknowledges that many parents believe that remote learning is not as effective as in-person teaching but still have worries about their kids getting sick. 

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