Rocklin Mayor Wants City Council to Explore Power Alternatives to PG&E

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ROCKLIN — The city of Rocklin is just one of many cities affected by PG&E’s planned power outages. Many residents are frustrated and concerned about their safety.

It’s why the mayor of Rocklin is saying enough is enough. He is now calling for change.

Mayor Joe Patterson says it’s time to take control of the energy grid.

“Many people have said state-wide that this is the new norm, and I think that’s totally unacceptable,” Patterson told FOX40.

Patterson says he would like the city council to explore alternatives for providing reliable electricity by considering partnerships with other utilities like SMUD or Roseville Electric.

“We can’t be in a state of flux where everybody is wondering, hey, is my breathing machine going to work today because the wind is blowing too hard 50 miles away from here,” Patterson said.

Many residents say they and business owners deserve to have power they can depend on, and they support the mayor’s idea.

“PG&E is too big, and they have that capacity to just decide on a whim when they’re going to cut the power. And that is just devastating for not only households but for businesses,” resident Kathy Rambo told FOX40.

Another resident, Bill Spaulding, says people are frustrated with the lack of answers and communication. He also said many people are claiming PG&E only did it to boost their own pockets.

Residents say shortly after the outage, stores ran out of generators and even ice.

“It was chaos. I had to turn, in an hour, 40 people away to say there was no ice,” resident Meghan Robinson said.

Patterson says another reason he’s looking for an alternative is because their neighboring city, Roseville, was able to keep their lights on.

“Lights are shining over there and here they’re dark. People notice that and they’re concerned, and hope we can do the same thing,” Patterson said.

The idea to change utilities was proposed to the Rocklin city council last month, but it was voted down.

Patterson says he remains hopeful, after these recent outages, that the city council will reconsider his proposal.


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