Rocklin Paramedics Get New Life-Saving Equipment

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ROCKLIN — Training for firefighters and paramedics is underway on a new piece of life-saving equipment that will soon be part of emergency operations.

The Lucas 2 mechanical compression device is expected to be part of every cardiac arrest call the first responders make starting next week. The new device is the first of it’s kind in Placer County and one of just a few in the state.

“This device essentially takes over what we’d normally have as a person doing compressions continuously for sometimes 20 or 30 minutes during these cardiac arrest calls,” said Heath Taylor, a first responder for the city.

It takes only about a minute for firefighters or paramedics to attach to the cardiac arrest victim, but once the Lucas 2 is connected it tirelessly performs chest compressions, allowing the first responders to focus on other life-saving tasks.

“The stand-point from the guys is the efficiency of cardiac compressions that it does,” said Interim Fire Chief Kurt Synder. “It provides for really good compression. It free’s up some of the individuals to do other tasks.”

Meaning first responders can instead focus on advanced interventions with the victims of cardiac arrest such as airway management, I-V access, and medication administration.

The Lucas 2 is also completely compatible. About the size of a backpack, it weighs less than twenty pounds. It not only gives constant chest compressions on scene, but also while the patient is being transported up and down stairs on a gurney or in the ambulance.

“This device is a game-changer when it comes to cardiac arrest,” said Taylor. “You’re essentially taking two people out of that continued cycle (of performing chest compressions) and allowing Lucas to take the place of that.”

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