Rocklin police to review public intoxication arrest after reports of excessive force

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ROCKLIN, Calif. (KTXL) — Video recorded Monday shows a man on the ground yell repeatedly as a Rocklin police officer pulls the man’s arm up and behind his back before placing handcuffs on him.

In the video, viewers can hear the woman who is recording the video, saying the officer is pointing his gun at the man who is on the ground with his hands behind his back.

“It’s awful to watch. It seems like it’s kind of business as usual though for police these days. They get away with anything,” said Christopher Kershner of Police Crime Victims.

Rocklin police officials told FOX40 they received calls about a man disturbing customers at a Dutch Bros on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Spring View Drive.

Rocklin Police Department Lt. Scott Horrillo described what the police officer did when he arrived.

“He eventually ended up arresting that man for drunk in public,” Horrillo said.

Horrillo said the officer’s actions didn’t appear to be excessive and it appeared that the officer wasn’t pointing his gun directly at the man. He also said the officer put handcuffs on the man for good reason.

“Maybe other police officers were delayed to get there, so he wanted to make sure the person was under control so that no force was used,” Horrillo explained.

But Kershner adamantly disagrees, especially because the incident happened out in the open in front of many eyes.

“There’s no way that that was within the scope of that officer’s training. That officer needs to be held 100% accountable. He shouldn’t be on the force,” Kershner said. 

Horrillo said Rocklin police will be reviewing the incident to make sure there was no use of force and will also be looking at body-worn and in-car cameras, read reports and talk with anyone who witnessed the incident.

Although social media posts suggest the man may have been having some kind of mental health breakdown, Horrillo said that wasn’t so and that the man arrested was under the influence of alcohol.

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