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ROCKLIN, Calif. (KTXL) — A Rocklin resident said she was both frustrated and angry after thieves broke into her home while she was away on a road trip.

Heather Boulting’s home in the Sunset-Whitney neighborhood does not seem a likely target of thieves. It’s located on busy Argonaut Avenue.

Yet, her security cameras caught three people ransacking her house, coming back after kicking in the front door two hours earlier.

“I walk in the entryway and I see debris everywhere,” she said.

The video shows the thieves were calm and deliberate, taking items like her gun and jewelry but leaving other items like her laptop, TV and other valuables lying about. One of them served as a lookout.

“They’re walking out with my pillowcase of all my stuff,” she said. “Everything about the video shows that they’ve done it before, that they were watching the house, which is probably the creepiest part of all of it.”

Boulting was the first one to admit that, as a crime victim, hindsight is 20/20. She left her garbage cans out for the three days she was gone and she turned off some of her alarm features because she had a neighbor come water her plants.

“I’m wishing I didn’t do that now,” she said.

The Rocklin police say it is understandable why homeowners disarm some of their security systems to prevent false alarms caused by pets or visitors — to a degree.

”You pay for a service, use all the bells and whistles that you can to help protect your house,” said Rocklin Police Department Lt. Scott Herrillo.

Boulting said the worse part of the experience was losing an irreplaceable heirloom ring encrusted with multiple diamonds.

“It’s been in the family for 75 years,” she told FOX40. “I want that back.”