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The Rocklin Unified School District has agreed to pay two families of special needs child $1.25 million after a former Breen Elementary teacher was charged with abuse.

Sherry McDaniel is facing allegations of hitting students and restraining them with bungee cords and tape. Investigators say classroom aides reported the alleged abuse to the district but nothing was done.

“As a parent, you can’t even describe the horror and the shock of being contacted by the police department, telling you that your child has been a victim of child abuse in their classroom by their teacher,” parent Jenn Hugunin told FOX40 in October of 2014, when the allegations against McDaniel became public.

A statement released by the Hugunin family says even though the legal process for them has ended, they are still struggling to find a school for their son, who they say is traumatized by the alleged abuse.

Todd and Laura Vrooman also settled for $1.25 million. Their son was a student of McDaniel’s.

McDaniel is charged with 14 misdemeanors, and is now awaiting trial in Placer County.

Attorney Todd Boley, who is representing the families, says four of the families have not yet settled with the district.