Rockslide Along Lake Natoma Bike Trail Draws a Crowd

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LAKE NATOMA — High winds from last night’s storm wreaked havoc across Northern California, bringing down trees and knocking out power to thousands, and it ruined a popular bicycle trial.

There’s cones, police tape and even signs, but none of them seem to be stopping people from getting up close to the rockslide over the bike path on the Northwest side of Lake Natoma.

“[I’ve] noticed some mountain bikers trying to cross over the trail where the rock slide came down,” said Larry Appelbaum, who spent Sunday at Lake Natoma.

State park rangers said people need to keep away.

“Right now it’s not safe, the hillside and the rocks are very unstable, and we just want to make sure that everybody is safe and to use a different route right now until we’re able to get it cleared up,” said Sgt. Eric Dales, with the Folsom Lake Recreation Area.

“We came to check out the mudslide on the trail,” said Kristie Shaw.

The rockslide has become a sort of attraction with locals coming to take a picture.

“I have friends who live here, and I had seen pictures of it, so I wanted to see what it looked like,” Shaw said.

FOX40’s cameras captured joggers and bicyclist treading over the slide through the mud. Some parents even let their kids jump around the rocks.

Rangers told FOX40, not only is it dangerous, but they’re also making the erosion worse.

“The message that we want to get out right now is that area is closed, you need to use a different bike trail, a different access point,” Dales said. “The alternative route that I would have them take is go on the other side of Lake Natoma, it’s the same trail, you’re going to be able to get the same distance.”

Elsewhere, in nearby Carmichael, a tree fell near California Avenue and Palm Drive, damaging a power pole.

PG&E crews were also busy repairing downed power lines in Granite Bay near Barton Road and Cavitt Stallman Road, lines which locals say were just recently replaced.

Meanwhile, Dales said he knows the beauty of the bike trail brings hundreds a day, and he hopes his department can clear the bike path soon.

“We’ll get our heavy equipment operator out there, he’ll clean it up, they’ll clean the bike trial itself, put all that sediment back, move those rocks, take them away,” Dales said.

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