Rockslide Closes Down Portion of Highway 128 near Winters

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NAPA COUNTY — Soon after the second storm in two weeks, part of the Vaca Mountains just couldn’t hang on, smashing right across State Highway 128 and cutting off access in both directions right at the Monticello Dam.

“I heard a crash across the creek and it was a big tree coming down. I didn’t see it,” said camper Deanna Beery-Howard. “I looked out and I didn’t see anything. Then about 15 minutes or 20 minutes later, I heard a second crash.”

Beery-Howard listened to something sliding down the mountain face Thursday morning as she camped less than a mile from the dam at Canyon Creek Resort. She was not sure if it was a precursor to the rockslide but all the wind and rain battering the area has put worse scenarios on her mind.

“What I dreamed about was the dam breaking because I could hear the creek rising. It was pretty scary,” she told FOX40.

Those who live at and manage Canyon Creek say they were not worried about that. Yet, they were concerned about the upcoming weekend with 40 bookings and another 40 people expected in for a crab feed.

They’ve already logged five cancellations from members who didn’t want to battle more bad weather and were worried about the slide.

As of right now, access to the resort is blocked for those headed east toward Winters on Highway 128 from Napa or the Bay Area.

The route in from the Sacramento side is slide free but Caltrans has placed its road closure sign miles away from the resort at Pleasants Valley Road in Winters.


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