Roseville Book Store Closing Due To ‘Increase in the Minimum Wage’

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ROSEVILLE — The Almost Perfect Book Store has begun selling off its inventory of books that, at its height, once reached 2 million books.

But it wasn’t e-books or internet sellers that finally did in the 25-year-old business.

“Honestly, it’s the increase in the minimum wage,” said long-time assistant store manager Scott Singley.

Singley said automatic increases are in the rental contract, and the minimum wage increase that begins with a $.50 an hour bump in January with $1 an hour increases the following four years is the “tipping point” for the store’s survival.

The owner Kelley Ulmer didn’t want to change the business plan of offering discounts on new books and half-price on used books. Until a few weeks ago, the store also gave credits to customers who brought in their used books as well. More revenue under the plan that keeps prices low isn’t possible.

“Unless the books magically double in price overnight, that’s not going happen,” said Singley.

Customers were buying books at a 60 percent discount on Monday. Discounts will grow as the closing date approaches in a week and a half.

“It’s going to be very sad,” said long time customer Cathy Hensley who was shopping with her grand kids.

Singley says there are plans to create an online book business using the Almost Perfect Bookstore name. It is not affiliated with the Elk Grove store of the same name.

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