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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — The pastor of Abundant Life Fellowship Church in Roseville told the members in attendance, and those watching on a live stream, that the church would be meeting virtually after Sunday. 

“This will be our last live service,” said Pastor Doug Bird.

Bird told FOX40 that the decision was a hard one to make. 

“You got people flying in and out of New York. You got airplanes full. You got subways full. There’s no travel restriction,” said Bird. “To stop a church from worshipping when we got all these other crazy things going on, I think that’s the last of our worries.” 

Placer County health officials said Friday that they sent a letter to the church, which is one of the few churches still holding in-house services. They asked the church to stop those gathers. 

“We had some concerned citizens reach out to us that this particular church had continued in-person services, so we did some outreach to them electronically,” said Placer County Public Health Director Aimee Sisson. 

Health officials cited Govern Gavin Newsom’s directive that ordered Californians to stay at home, only going out for essential activities and business. 

“We are very grateful that the pastor chose to do the right thing to protect the members of his congregation,” said Sisson. 

But while Bird says he’s complying with the county and state’s order, he believes church gatherings in person should be considered essential. 

“We are responsible enough to go out to get groceries. Go to the gas station. Go to work, if you still have a job. But somehow we can’t be responsible enough to go to church? I just don’t get it,” said Bird.