Roseville family says moving company demanded more money from them before damaging property

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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — What was supposed to be a smooth moving process for a Roseville family instead led to tears, police being called and their belongings tossed on the street. 

Retired firefighter Pat Antuzzi and his family had decided to use a moving broker company based out of Florida for their trip from California to Oklahoma. 

“They fit right in. The lingo was good; it made sense,” Antuzzi said. “It was going to fit our needs.”

He said they were expecting a 40-foot semitractor-trailer to pick up all of their belonging, but what arrived was something much smaller and more expensive. 

“The crew shows up with the wrong truck. It was under the understanding it was a truck that we couldn’t possibly fill all this stuff up,” Antuzzi said. 

The foreman agreed, saying they can use another trailer — on one condition. 

“They wanted to upcharge me another eight-or-so thousand dollars,” Antuzzi said. 

According to Antuzzi, the foreman demanded an additional $2,000 to keep their belongings unwrapped. The situation quickly escalated from there. 

“My dad asked a simple question of, ‘You know, can we get some documentation of this? I have to contact the moving company, the broker so that we can get the right information and make sure that this is right,’” Alexandria Antuzzi said. “And he did not like that at all.”

While recording the mover’s 12-hour truck loading, Alexandria Antuzzi also captured the damage to their house and valuables, along with piles of trash left behind. 

“We’re inviting you into our home and paying you good money to do the job that we’re paying you to do, and this is how you repay it, leaving our stuff out in the street,” Alexandria Antuzzi said.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the telltale signs of illegitimate movers are demanding more money on the spot after loading and unloading trucks or brokers hiring out-of-state movers who aren’t properly vetted. 

FOX40 called the moving company hired by the broker, but their number was disconnected. 

On Wednesday morning, the family received an email from the broker company saying, “We have been notified by the carrier that you did not want to accept the services that you purchased, and you did not want to agree to the additional services either.” 

It goes on to say they are happy to provide even more services in the future, but it also says that any cancellation policies or any payments collected are non-refundable. 

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