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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — With the pool of people staying home expanding, some of whom have a lot more spare time on their hands, finances are being watched more closely than ever.

One financial firm in Roseville is busier now than they’ve ever been. 

They’ve also been proactive by being able to get in front of their clients. 

Jeff Bangerter has 40 years of experience in the financial planning world. He and his staff have enjoyed success over the years thanks in part to a strong outreach. But that outreach was centered around in-person events. 

Those events have come to a screeching halt as social distancing and isolation ramps up. But Bangerter and his staff were able to quickly transition to an online approach. 

“Unprecedented really,” said Bangerter. 

The online transition even surprised Bangerter.

“Well you can imagine the number of people that want to know what is going on with their money,” explained Bangerter.

The team at the firm launched webinars to replace in-person events and in some cases, those online educational seminars are now attracting more investors than the face-to-face ones. 

“We think people that are educated about the different investment strategies and products and things that are available just make better decisions,” said Bangerter. “Well, now we’re just doing that on the computer.”

He also has some advice for people during this time. 

“Honestly, right now, not looking at your statements is probably the best thing you can do. Leave it alone and don’t freak yourself out,” advised Bangerter. 

He also offered some words of hope.

“We’re going to recover, man. It’s America,” said Bangerter. 

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