Roseville Man Beats Kidney Failure, Broken Bones and Death to Make Pro Boxing Debut

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ROSEVILLE — A comeback almost 10 years in the making for a Roseville man determined to make it to the pros in the sport of boxing after he nearly lost his life following a motorcycle accident in the Philippines.

Dave Minter made his pro boxing debut Friday night in Sacramento.

Because in that near-death experience, it’s been a long road back for Minter. He broke his leg, his arm and several bones in his face.

“You know, I’ve so overly prepared. My confidence is through the roof. Not to mention all the sacrifices I’ve made,” Minter said.

It’s been nine plus years in the making ever since the violent accident cut short Minster’s first attempt at turning pro. It happened just days before his pro fighting debut.

There aren’t many fighters out there making their pro debut at age 36.

“It feels like I’m training for the world title man. I don’t want to be a has-been man, you know I don’t want to be 40 and wonder how good I could have been,” Minter said. “So, I like to say I’ve got a little sand left in my hourglass, you know.

Battling Father Time is one thing, but Minter is also coming back from death’s door.

“[I] broke my leg, my femur and my forearm. My friend I was traveling with actually said I was flat-lined… I was dead,” Minter explained.

That was only the beginning of Minter’s fight towards recovery.

His kidneys at one point failed and he developed a bone infection that nearly cost him his left leg.

He didn’t walk for the three years, but Minter eventually made it back to the gym and wanted to train.

“I like to say, ‘the greater the struggle, the greater the reward.’ You know, it’s been really hard, but I’ve pushed through the pain and I’ve had a lot of positive influences in my life,” he said.

“He’s worked hard to recover. A lot of guys have discouraged him from doing this, but I see a tough, young guy in him and let’s let him achieve his goal, his dream,” said boxing promoter Nasser Navoroni.

“I’ve always known I’d make a comeback,” Minter said. I’ve always known it, and I’ve never given up and yeah, I’ll ever stop fighting. It’s just who I am. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and a gamble, because if you don’t, it will never happen. Now is my time, and I’m going to strike while the iron is hot.

Minster says he’d like to keep fighting well into forties.


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