Roseville Police Catch Three Suspects Altering $1 Bills

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ROSEVILLE — Three suspected criminals were caught just as police say they were changing real money into counterfeit cash.

“They were working to counterfeit bills, $1 bills and turn them into $100 bills,” said Rob Baquera with the Roseville Police Department.

Roseville police were conducting a parole search last week at the Extended Stay America hotel on Lead Hill Boulevard when they encountered the alleged counterfeiters.

Officers found one suspect working on a computer that had a $100 bill on the screen. Police say two others were in the room at the time, along with a number of washed $1 bills and a printer nearby.

James McCarver, Meranda Lopes and Nataliya Golban were all taken into custody on suspicion of forgery, counterfeiting and outstanding warrants.

Baquera told FOX40 this isn’t the first counterfeit bill operation his officers have responded to.

“We have seen more and more cases of counterfeiting like this,” he said. “Just with advancements in digital printing and computers and photography, it’s making it easier to print counterfeit bills like this.”

It makes it all that more important for businesses and anyone handling cash to inspect the money that’s been handed over and look for any unusual markings.

“Unless you check it you don’t know if you’re getting a counterfeit bill or not,” said hotel guest Ken Dudschus.

Thursday night, police sent an important message for other potential counterfeiters — if you try printing fake cash, you will be caught.

“For anyone considering to print this, this is a federal crime, it’s a very serious crime and, hopefully, this will come with a very stiff penalty,” Baquera said.

Police say counterfeit cash is typically found in bills with a higher value, like $50 or $100 bills.

If you own a business in the area or think you might be in possession of fake money, you’re urged to contact the Roseville Police Department.


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