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The Roseville Police Department is proposing changes to the Roseville City Council on the ordinance that regulates burglary, robbery and panic alarms in an effort to decrease their number of responses to false alarms and keep permits up to date.

In 2014, nearly 3,000 alarms were responded to in the city and less than 1 percent ended up being actual crimes.  Officers being dispatched to false alarms takes them off the streets and away from responding to incidents that can be more serious.

The changes would include Enhanced Call Verification for burglary calls.  If an alarm is activated, alarm companies would be required to call the home or business at least two times to see if authorities are needed at the location.  This does not however apply to robbery or panic alarms, which officers always respond to.

According to Sergeant Jason Bosworth, the majority of false alarms come from homes, but there are some businesses that are repeat offenders. While he wouldn’t specify which ones, Bosworth said there are 13 businesses in Roseville on a non-response list because of multiple false alarms that have gone off in a short amount of time.

“We don’t like doing that because we want people to feel safe,” Bosworth said.

While they don’t like doing it sometimes they have no choice because of the time it wastes for officers to drive to the location and respond.

Along with the Enhanced Call Verification, another change would increase the permit renewal fee from $5 for one year to $15 for two years. Covering two years helps authorities have more updated information for longer without trying to track down those who have not paid for a renewal and don’t have current information for officers to follow.

“We’ll go to a house and we have no idea who the resident is,” said Bosworth.

Late fees between $25 and $200 will also be issued to people who don’t renew or register for a permit.

The Roseville PD will be presenting these changes at a City Council meeting at the end of September.