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ROSEVILLE — Investigators with the Roseville Police Department are hoping the public will help them locate two men who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman outside an Old Roseville bar back in January.

“We believe somebody drugged her drink and then escorted her out of the bar,” said Roseville Police Spokesperson Dee Dee Gunther.

The woman told investigators she wasn’t raped outside the bar, rather someplace else, however, she couldn’t remember where it took place because of being drugged.

Police wouldn’t say which bar in Old Roseville the drugging occurred.

No bar owners in Old Roseville wanted to talk on camera with FOX40 in fear people would associate the “drink drugging” with their establishment.

Police say they have received tips from the public, but are releasing the suspects picture in hopes of identify the suspects well enough to make an arrest.

At the Pitch and Fiddle in Sacramento, manager Kyle Schubert says drugging of drinks hasn’t ever been an issue there, however, he says bartenders and staff are always vigilant of anything that doesn’t seem natural.

“If two people don’t look like they belong together and especially if they leave together we are on top of it,” Schubert said.

Anyone who may recognize the wanted men are asked to contact the Roseville Police Department.