Roseville police: Thieves targeting elderly grocery shoppers

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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — In the last few weeks, shopping carts have been a hotbed for crime in the city of Roseville.

“Last several weeks, some of our officers have reported responding to calls at grocery stores around the city where elderly victims, their wallets have been taken,” said Roseville Police Officer Carlos Cortes.

Officer Cortes said at least three elderly women have been the victims of theft while grocery shopping.

“There’s a group of about two to three suspects who distract the elderly female victim,” he told FOX40 on Thursday.

Once they take the wallets, the thieves commit additional crimes.

“As soon as they remove their wallet, they’re out of the store,” Cortes explained. “They go somewhere else where they can use that credit card or credit cards, and then they purchase as much as they can with the credit cards.”

At the moment, police are still collecting evidence to narrow in on the people responsible. They believe the most recent cases involve two men and a woman working together.

Roseville police believe the recent spike in these types of thefts is the result of people feeling more comfortable leaving their homes.

“More people now are headed out, correct, because of the pandemic, so more people are vaccinated and they’re heading out,” Cortes said. “So it’s probably going to increase a little bit more because people are going to be out and about.”

Police urge residents to keep their belongings close to them at all times and avoid leaving valuables unattended.

They say it will only be a matter of time before the thieves are caught.

“Wherever you use that credit card, your picture’s going to come up,” Cortes warned the thieves. “So, eventually, we will apprehend you.”

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