Roseville Police Warn Residents of Auto, Home Repair Scams

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ROSEVILLE — The Roseville Police Department is warning residents of auto and home repair scams.

Police say a woman recently fell victim to scam artists who sold her unneeded and poor-quality auto repairs and used them as an excuse to get into her home.

The resident, who is in her 80s, was loading groceries into her car in the Safeway parking lot at Woodcreek Oaks and Blue Oaks boulevards when a man approached her and offered to paint over some damage on her vehicle for $300, police said.

Although the woman’s car was in good condition and didn’t need repair work, the man allegedly talked her into it, and the man and his family followed her to her home in Roseville, police said.

The family helped her put her groceries away, helped themselves to her food, and the woman and her son remained in the house with the victim while the man pained the bumpers of her car in her driveway, police said.

The woman tried to talk the victim into letting her clean her rugs, but the victim said no, police said.

When the man finished the repairs, he told her it took more time than he anticipated and that the cost would be $740 rather than the original $300, police said.

She paid him and the family left.

The woman later realized she had been scammed and reported the incident to police.

The unneeded “repairs” to her vehicle consisted of a sloppy paint job with mismatched paint, as seen in the attached photo, police said.

The man is described as Hispanic, in his 30s, about 6-feet tall and weighing about 150 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

The woman is described as Hispanic, in her 30s, about 5-feet-4-inches tall and weighing about 150 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a sweater over a tank top and a long skirt.

The couple’s son was about 9 years old and was wearing a blue plaid shirt and blue pants.

They were driving a white Kia Soul.

If the adult suspects can be identified and located, detectives will arrest them on charges of burglary (entering the woman’s home with the intent to commit fraud), financially defrauding an elderly victim, and child abuse (involving their child in the scam).

Officers were told that at least one other person may have fallen for the scam in the Safeway center during the same time period.

If anyone else has fallen victim to this scam in Roseville, please call (916)774-5000 to file a report. If anyone recognizes these suspects, please call (916)746-1071.

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